First, to provide these services, a licensed facilitator must complete:

• A training program with curriculum approved by OPS
• An exam administered by OPS, and
• All other license requirements

After the facilitator is licensed, facilitators can work with clients who are 21 and over and who qualify. A licensed facilitator will help you understand if it is the right time and the right fit for you both.

The client meets with a licensed facilitator for a preparation session. There may be several preparations sessions to get both the client and the facilitator ready for an administration session.

After determining a good fit for both client and facilitator, and administration session is scheduled. The client consumes the product at the service center and begins their session with a licensed facilitator.

The client and the facilitator schedule an integration session for a couple of days out from the psilocybin session. This is a session to follow up with a facilitator and learn about additional peer support and other resources.